Friday, May 23

Natural Hair Lightening

Color your hair a little bit too dark or do you want to lighten it a tiny bit for summer without having to bleach/damage it? This natural remedy will do just that!

  1. Crush up Vitamin C tablets (I generally do about 10 or so) and smash/roll them until you create a fine powder.
  2. Mix with shampoo (Volumizing or Dandruff shampoos work best for stripping color).
  3. Wet your hair then use your mixture to shampoo your hair. Emulsify.
  4. Let sit for around 30 minutes or so and rinse.

I was able to lift my color about two levels or so using this trick without having to bleach or damage it.  It was great because my hair has been over-processed for awhile now but I wanted a slight change going lighter. It does seem to dry your hair out a little bit so you will want to follow up with a really good moisturizing shampoo and a deep conditioner!
Xo. Nicole

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